About Us

Thank you for choosing Non Toxin Mumma!

So why Non Toxin Mumma?

Our aim at Non Toxin Mumma is to provide a natural alternative of candles that are also affordable!

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with various immune diseases after the birth of my daughter, and hence I decided to change my lifestyle and shop as organic and non toxic as possible.

I began to question my candles, if the food we eat could be GMO, then the soy in our candles could be too right? YES!! About 98% of soy wax comes from GMO soy crops.

GMO products have serious health risks, including: infertility, immune problems, accelerated ageing, problematic insulin regulation, stomach problems, reduction in digestive enzymes, liver toxicity, allergic reactions, antibiotic resistance and cancer.

So I decided to make my own candles, and the journey of Non Toxin Mumma began. We use beeswax from right here in Australia, it comes straight from the farms and is not modified in any way. And we use organic coconut oil to make the smoothest blend of natural smelling candles possible. 

Each candle is hand poured, and decorated by ME! And in the process I try to remain as eco friendly as possible. So you can rest assured that you are supporting a brand that is not only looking out for you, but the environment too!!! 

I hope you love your candle as much as I loved making it. 

x Samantha