Do I need to trim my candle?
Yes! As our wicks are cotton braided they are quite thick and will mushroom if not trimmed. If you don't have a trimmer you can use a piece of tissue to wipe away the excess after a burn. 

Why is my candle smoking?
If your candle is smoking it is either too close to a draft or needs to be trimmed.

Why do we use beeswax and coconut oil to make our candles?
Beeswax and coconut oil are all natural, and contain no toxins. The heavily marketed 'natural soy candles' are not natural. Soy candles are made from mass produced soy wax which are GMO. Our aim is to make beeswax candles the new 'natural candle'.

Do I need to burn my candle in?
Yes, it's important to make a memory within your candle. Burning for 2 hours on the first use, will ensure that future burns will burn all the way to the edges.

What is the recommended burn time?
We recommend burning our candles for no longer than 2 hours at a time, to avoid the wick mushrooming and smoking.

Can I reuse my candle jars?
Yes, our jars are made from glass, so you can either purchase a refill candle or reuse your jar for something else.

Why do we use natural essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances?
Synthetic fragrances contain harmful chemicals, we use essential oils as they are all natural and also provide many benefits.

Are our essential oil candles safe to burn during pregnancy?
There is no scientific evidence that certain essential oils can be harmful during pregnancy, however there isn't enough research to provide an answer.
We recommend opting for our candles without essential oils before the 13 week mark, and if you do prefer our essential oil candles, wait until at least 13 weeks to use them.